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Family shoots 2017 recap

here are a few of my favourite images

the end of an era

And so too, with the passing of Reg Strauss, we have seen the end of an era. Reg died on Tuesday afternoon, 19th July 2016. He is fondly remembered by all those he leaves behind.

Perhaps, it is that little frown he gets, when he is concentrating on the computer

Or that boyish grin that stretches across his face


Silently missioning in his room, he’s busy unscrewing bottles and measuring fluids

An alchemist of the night


No, actually often

He marches


Staring into the screen of his phone as if it holds some hidden clue

I sit on his couch

Studying him

Getting high on this charm that seems to ooze

Out of him

Oh god! I hope I am not getting Sharon, Chunky, Shirley, Claire disease!

It seems to be very infectious

Or at least he is…

The moody 5 year old who is at times quite devious, slipping

Past me on the stairs, trying to be invisible

Sweetly, he asks me if I can use another computer

Playing with my ponytail as he passes me in the passage

He is quite scary when he is mad

I have to try very hard not to want to fix it

There is something vulnerable about this little tough guy

That makes me want to rush out and save him

(As if I could!)

ari reg & pomps (1)

I laugh at the idea of him in pyjamas

I worry if he eats

My heart feels sore when I hear he is saving money for the dentist

He knows much by way of pain

Later, recounting the story of David, I cry for the first time

He makes sharing my sore bits easy

Suddenly excited, he flaps his arms

His camp mannerisms seem so incongruous with the bad boy image he projects

I come to realise this “Marky Mark” wears his heart on his sleeve

Chunky doesn’t think he will stay here long

A story I am beginning to know so well

I haven’t had enough time with him

In retrospect, no one actually has

IMG_0684 copy-ExposureThat day we spent together walking in the park

All talked out after hours of catch-up

Still dressed as though we had just left the club

Our walk

The day

Are etched so clearly in my mind

I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about it

It’s all I have left of him now…

Warm fuzz and photographs

I spend the night waiting for him to walk in the door

But he doesn’t

He won’t

Never again

The reality of this hangs over all of us

I will be honest; it is terrible here without him

A massive hole

An empty space

I have no idea how they will fill it

Or for how long they will hold it together

Feels like trouble coming — a big gust of change blowing through the house

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