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Alicia & WP

Alicia and WP chose Drakensberg Gardens as their wedding venue. A perfect country venue situated right in the heart of the southern Drakensberg. Never before have I worried so much about the weather! Summer thunderstorms appear literally within minutes suddenly changing into thick mist or glorious sunshine. It was a gamble but thankfully on the day the weather held out. I do have to congratulate the wedding party for their bravery. I was determined to shoot them on the other side of the river bank but seeing as we were in the middle of summer, the river was pumping! My very-clever-other-half constructed a somewhat rickety ladder cum walkway for everyone to cross the water. There was no way I would have been able to do it! But my bride, dressed in gumboots and her long white dress made a plan! Thank you guys, I owe you!

Flowers and decor by Natural Nostalgia

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