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Pevensey Place was opened by Round Table South Africa in a joint-venture with the Natal Cerebral Palsy Association in 1972. Situated on a farm on the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg Mountains near Underberg, KZN, the establishment of Pevensey was in response to the urgent need for a settlement caring for cerebral palsied adults.

Over the years, Pevensey Place has become more than just a caring facility or institution. It has become a home, a real home for all its 76 residents who range in ages from 23 to 84 years old. At Pevensey, they are encouraged to receive and give care, make friends, help others and work – each resident having a job to do within their capabilities.

This film was made to illustrate the essential role played by Pevensey Place in the hope that it will generate awareness and much-needed financial support. It highlights the invaluable work Round Table does not only for the lives of all who live and work at Pevensey Place, but also the entire KwaSani community.

It is a graphic message of the value that young men and women can contribute to their communities when they pull together.

Please watch, share and support this amazing venture.

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